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Milsurp Accuracy INC. is all about fine tuning the harmonics of your Mosin Nagant and Mauser 98 rifles in order to create a greater amount of precision. 

I began selling accurizing shim kits in early 2013 on Production on these shim kits began in 2012 using Mosin Nagant rifles. Mosin Nagants are one of the more common milsurp rifles on the market and through research I discovered steps armorers took to make these rifles more accurate. After calculating, sizing, and creating a template I hand cut my first shims from brass to test on my own rifle. I soon realized these kits may be something others would be interested in using with their own Mosin Nagants as well.


The first shim kits I sold were all hand cut, but as demand increased I had the designs mocked up for laser cutting, creating both a faster production time, and an aesthetically cleaner product. Today the shims sold through Milsurp Accuracy INC. are all precision laser cut 26 gauge steel.

I've also created an instructional guide that comes with each purchase, and can also be found on the website for easy reference. This guide outlines the step by step process on how to install the kit into your rifle.  I wrote this guide using soviet shooting guide references, research from online forums, and through my own experiences in accurizing my rifles. 

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