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An Accurizing Cork Kit for the Mosin Nagant rifle.  These pieces are to be used in conjunction with the shim kit I offer to effectively float the barrel and tune your rifles harmonics.  This kit is for installation in the M38, M44, and 91/30 (including PE, PEM, and PU sniper variants).  These pieces will also work in the Chinese Type 53 and Finnish Mosin's as well.

The Accurizing Cork Kit includes three 1/16" (1.70mm) pieces of rubberized cork with a "peel and stick" adhesive backing.  The kit has a larger piece of cork used for underneath the receiver, and two pieces to be installed at the front barrel band (stock and hand guard).  Slight trimming may be necessary.

Use this kit to supplement or build your own Accurizing Shim Kit with my other auctions.  Please contact me if you need additional pictures or have any questions. Camouflage parka, Soviet flag, and rifle stock are NOT included in the auction.

Accurizing Cork Kit For The Mosin Nagant

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