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A pair of light canvas 3/4" x 12" barrel wraps for Accurizing the Mosin Nagant rifle.  

Soviet soldiers learned that they could use oiled light canvas wrapped around the barrel of their rifle to increase accuracy by creating a damper effect.  It also helps "float" the barrel and tunes harmonics.  One wrap required per rifle. These wraps go well with the Accurizing Shim sets I also have for sale.

This is an ORIGINAL technique used on Mosin Nagant rifles.  This wrap will work on all Mosin variants including M38, M44, 91/30 (including PE, PEM, and PU snipers), Chinese Type 53, and Finnish models. 

Wraps are shipped without oil, which you will provide.  The color of the canvas may vary.
I can provide additional pictures or answer any questions upon request.

Authentic Light Canvas Barrel Wraps For Mosin Nagant

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