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Up for sale is a Super Cork Mosin Nagant Accurizing Kit for the M38, M44, Chinese Type 53, and 91/30 rifles. They are great for PU, PE, and PEM snipers and will also work on Finnish Mosins. 

These kits can be used to tune barrel harmonics and "float" the barrel in order to increase accuracy. By tuning your rifle your "groups" will become tighter. 

"Accurizing" procedures were used by Finnish armorers on captured Russian rifles and by Russian snipers during WW2. During combat soldiers would create shims from any galvanized metal they could acquire. The kit includes 1 set of easy to follow instructions, 16 laser cut 26 gauge galvanized shims, and three pieces of 1/16" (1.70mm) "peel and stick" rubberized cork.  Some trimming of the cork may be needed.

This kit is a must for any Mosin Nagant enthusiast, and can transform your surplus 91/30 into a tack driver. I can answer any questions upon request. Soviet flag, camouflage parka, stock, and shooting rests not included.

Cork Mosin Nagant SUPER KIT

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