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I have been working on a fix for a common problem with Mosin Nagant 91/30 PEM Sniper re-scoped rifles. These rifles commonly have holes that are slightly off from the factory. Once the mount and scope are installed after the drilling and tapping of the original holes it is common for there to not be enough adjustment in the scope to have Point Of Aim (POA) and Point Of Impact (POI) coincide. 


In my particular instance POA was 12"-14" below POI on the target @100 yards. So using the "Igor" reproduction PEM mount as a template I was able to have 20 gauge steel shims cut that match the contour of the front ring "block". 


These shims have also been tested for fitment on the Accumounts reproduction PEM mount and fit nicely. These shims are sold in a 3 shim kit, are stackable to your needed height, and offer an enlarged bolt hole so they can be positioned slightly (side to side/front to rear) if needed for different manufacturer mounts. 


These shims are bare steel and will have to be blued or painted to protect from rust. In the event of a slight overhang the shims can be filed to fit.  I can answer any questions or provide additional pictures upon request.

Mosin Nagant 91/30 PEM Sniper Mount Shims

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